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The Van Hove coffee capsule: 100% pure pleasure. 100% compostable.

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Cafés Van Hove was founded in 1954 by Augustin Vanhove and his son André Vanhove.

As a family business, passing from generation to generation, the company is expanding while maintaining its high quality values.


Our job is to roast, create new flavors, perpetuate our ancestral blends and resell the coffees that we import straight from Asia, Africa, Oceania, Central and South America.
We create harmonious blends combining quality coffees selected for their origins and specificities.

To keep a high level of quality and freshness of the products, we roast in a slow, regular and artisanal way. The roasting time of our coffees varies between 18 and 22 minutes at a temperature of 225° at the end of the roasting process.
You have the choice among about twenty different kinds of coffees of High Selection. Note that we also have a wide range of teas in bulk.

All our Van Hove coffees adhere to international standards for sustainable trade. This way we contribute to better conditions for producers and the environment.
We are craftsmen focused on the freshness and quality of our products. Our coffee contains no preservatives, emulsifiers or flavor enhancers.

A warm welcome by competent and attentive staff is guaranteed.

Choosing us means choosing the craftsman!

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