The Jura GIGA W10: The perfect coffee machine for premium workspaces

Jura Giga W10 coffee machine

In elegant and prestigious environments, whether for work, leisure or relaxation, innovation, performance and design are essential. With this in mind, Jura has created the GIGA W10, an exceptional automatic coffee machine. It features revolutionary technologies such as the Cold Extraction Process [...].

Coffee beans for your business: The art of enjoying quality coffee

Coffee bean machines for your business

Coffee is a veritable institution in Belgium. However, it is often criticized for its bitter taste and mediocre quality. This is mainly due to the fact that most of the coffee consumed in Belgium is bought in supermarkets. This leaves little room for small roasters and artisanal know-how. Fortunately, [...]

More and more people are placing their trust in us

Jura bean-to-cup coffee machine with coin-operated machine

The change continues to take place towards a more environmentally friendly but also healthier consumption in all respects. Thanks to our exceptional hand-roasted coffees and our Jura coffee machines, you now have the chance to enjoy an excellent coffee at your workplace. And what's more, you are [...]

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